Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Stepping Out of the Box!

Hi everyone!  I stepped out of the box a little and made a 3D haunted house as a challenge for a Halloween card group I am in.  I didn't have a template so I just made it up.  Here are the final results.

  I recently won a Halloween card challenge so I received lots of embellishments for my prize.  This house was a great way to use some of those.  I used chalk to make the ghosts and the slats on the house.  I had a Martha Stewart punch that made the green slime dripping from the roof.  This really was a lot of fun to make and after was I got started it didn't take too long.  Have fun and step out of your craft niche and try something new!  Remember, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below or email me at lindahpd@aol.comHave a great crafty day!!!


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Three New Cards

Hi everyone!  I just wanted to post three cards I made today before work.  I have just finished working on a "My September" album for a group I am in. I will be adding pictures of that this weekend.  I hope you enjoy looking at the cards.
 Acrylic block technique.
Glitter napkin technique

Chalk colored scene.
Thanks for checking out my blog.  I hope everyone has a great day!  If you have any comments, please post them on the blog or email me at

Friday, September 19, 2014

Triple Time Stamping: Napkin Card-No Stamping

I had time today to try and make the Triple Time Stamping technique using the napkin technique and no stamping.  I think the card turned out great.  It was a little more time consuming because I had to line up the image, but I think it looks great.
This is lots of fun to play with.  I will be posting more cards using different sizes.  Two posts in one day!  Have a great day and thanks for checking my blog.

A New Technique: Triple Time Stamping

I just wanted to show everyone a new technique (new to me) I learned for a Card Challenge in a Card Swap Group I am in.  It is called Triple Time Stamping and it's a lot of fun.  I just recently purchased some cover all stamps and they were perfect for this challenge. But you can use any stamps you have to make this card. 
 The stamp I used was a stamped image that was 5" x 6" so it easily covered the whole card.  I stamped the image in black ink and colored it in.  I haven't had time to play with the technique but I think it would look really great using different sizes for your layering.  I might even try something similar with a napkin card. 
 Here is the link for showing you the technique:
I also wanted to mention another website for everyone to check out.  It is  This is a new friend of mine and she has some great videos and ideas, not only for card making but all kinds of crafts.  Please check the website out and subscribe to her YouTube videos.  I think you will enjoy this site as much as I do.  She even showcased some of my cards on her web page!
Try this new technique and let me know if you have any questions.  It would be great if you posted your cards, too.  Leave a comment or email me at  Thanks for checking my blog and have a great day!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Feels like Fall

It certainly feels like fall outside today in Northern Ohio, so I thought I would post a few fall/Halloween cards.  It is fun to start working on cards for a new season.  Even though I hate to see summer go. 
A glitter napkin card I made for my grandson's birthday.  I love all the fall napkins that are out in the stores now. 
These two Halloween cards were made totally from a Halloween Embellishment Swap I was in.  Everyone had to send at least 5 embellishments to their swap partner and make cards using only the swap items.  I had a great partner and received lots of cool Halloween stuff.  I especially loved the idea that she sent gauze.  It makes a perfect embellishment.  I just inked it with a little red and orange ink.  I love the way it turned out.  The only thing on both of these cards that I already had is the card base.

I absolutely love this little pumpkin girl.  I colored her with Copic Markers and I think she turned out great. 
I hope I have inspired you to make some new cards for the new season.  If you have any questions or comments, be sure to leave them below or email me at  Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog.  Remember, I also have plenty of cards for sale if you want one and don't want to make it.  Have a great weekend!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Challenge Cards

I have been having a lot of fun doing Challenge Cards I find on different groups.  These cards make you think out of the box and are a lot of fun.  I have posted two today.  I have been doing a Christmas Card Challenge making a card for each letter of Christmas.  We just finished Letter A-so when I complete them all I will post them together. 

This fist card, you had to make an animal card in a different shape besides the regular card shape.  I colored the bear, cut him out three times, and but this together.  I love the way it turned out.  The only trick to making a card like this is to make sure your image is symmetrical so you can fold it in half and the halves match up.

This card challenge was Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.  The card could not be a wedding card or you could not use one item for two categories.  In this card, the Something Old is the blue flower, Something New is the die cut I used to make this card, Something Borrowed was the flower picture which my sister took, and Something Blue was the navy blue decorative paper with the blue enamel dots.
Challenges are lots of fun!  Try a few.  If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below or contact me on my email at  Have a great day!!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Birthday Cards


I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day Weekend!  I have been working on lots of things in the past week.  Challenge cards, birthday cards, and a new "My September" scrap book starts today.  I thought I would post a few miscellaneous birthday cards that I made for friends.  Enjoy!

 A fun birthday card for a friend's grandson who turned 1 in August.

 I used a napkin technique for this card.
 A 40th Birthday card!  I didn't want to make it black and dark.  Life is too good at 40!

A napkin birthday card for a dear friend.  I even used the napkin to make the envelope!
I hope you enjoyed looking at my cards!  Remember if you have any questions or comments, leave a comment below or email me at  Have a great day!  Thanks for checking my blog.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Monster Book Markers

I decided to take a quick break from making cards and tried these bookmarks after a friend sent the link to me.  These were quick and easy.  I even used them in a "Monster" Challenge for a Facebook group I am in.  These bookmarks would make a cute embellishment on cards and would provide an extra gift with the card.  So many people use tablets these days instead of books, but I love both.  Anyone could find a use for a bookmark.

The link that I watched for these bookmarks is  I used stickles and googlie eyes.  I love a little sparkle and shine in everything.  I hope you enjoy marking theses.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment or email me at  Enjoy!!!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Christmas Cards with the Watercolor Technique

Hi!  I made these Christmas cards using the watercolor technique.  I like the way they turned out.  I tried using a smaller block on two of them.  I put alot more splatters on these.  You can use an old toothbrush to make the paint splatters, but I used my fingers. I also used my own handwriting with my Copic marker.  Enjoy!

Here are the supplies I used to make the cards.  The only item I forgot to show is my black Copic marker that I wrote the sentiments with.

Be careful when adding the paint splatters or your fingers might look like this.
Thanks for taking the time to check my blog.  I hope you enjoy making these as much as I do.  Amy questions, please leave a comment here or email me at    subject: watercolor technique.  Have a great day!!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Watercolor Technique using Inks

 I tried a new card technique and I thought I would post how I did it.  This technique gives a watercolor effect using inks and water.  I used a piece of water color paper (4"x6").  I had a long rectangle acrylic block.  I applied ink directly to the block and then spritzed it with water.  I took the watercolor paper and laid it on top of the acrylic block without moving it.  It soaked up all the color.  I re-inked the block each time I did this layering the inks in basically the same pattern.  I let the paper dry for a few hours and then using stamps from Papertreyink "Wet Paint" series, I stamped the images on the watercolor paper.  I don't like lining everything up, so I just placed the stamp where I liked it best.  I adhered the watercolor paper to a piece of decorative paper and then onto a white card base.  I love the way the set of note cards turned out.  Tonight I am going to try to make some Christmas cards using red and green inks.  I will try to write the sentiments since I don't have any stamps I like for Christmas.  Handwriting is all the rage right now and I am lucky I have good handwriting, but it doesn't matter, any handwriting will work.  It makes it extra special that it is your own handwriting.  I will try and post those cards tomorrow. 

I used some petal inks that I had.  I have also done this with Distress Inks.    The possibilities using this technique are limitless.  You could use all difference sizes of acrylic blocks, stencils, paint splats, or lots of other things   Have fun and experiment.  I love that no two cards are the same.  I hope you enjoy this technique. If you have any questions, please leave a comment or email me at with watercolor technique in the subject.  Thanks for checking out my blog.  I love making cards!!!  

update  Jenny from CraftTestDummies was inspired by my cards and wanted to share her version.


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Block Cards!

Hi everyone!  Today I thought I would show you a fun block card technique I found on YouTube .   I love it.  I made two cards using this technique and I have another card made just waiting for decorations. I printed small photos to put on the cards-but you can decorate them anyway you want.  Make them your own!  I think it would be a great way to use up some scraps.  The fun thing about this card is that it folds flat and fits inside an envelope. 
Of course I had to make a card with Arthur's picture on it!

My son and some Irish pictures.
The  link for the video I watched is  It is really fun to try and find new techniques and make them your own.  In my next post I will show you a combination of a screen fold card and a building block card I put together myself.  Hope you liked the cards and will give this technique a try.  If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me at  Have a great day!


Friday, August 1, 2014

I thought I would post a couple more of my napkin cards for you to see. I used a couple of different kinds of glitters and embossing powders.
 On the flamingo card I used Martha Stewart embossing glitter.
On this card I used Stampin Up Heat and Stick Powder and extra fine glitter.

On this card I tried plain embossing power and glitter.  It did not get as glittery as the others.

On this piece I used a larger glitter and I love the way it turned out.  I will be making a card out of this very soon.

These are future cards in the making.
I hope you enjoyed looking at these and will give the technique a try.  Have a great crafty day and a fun weekend.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I hope everyone is having a great day.  I have been making lots of new cards using lots of new techniques I have been wanting to try.  I have fallen in love the the glitter napkin technique and have added my own spin to it.  I love checking out all the new napkins.  I have had the best luck at Dollar Tree and Tuesday Morning.  Here are a few panels I made, which are waiting to be made into cards and a finished card.  Hope you enjoy!

If you would like any information about how to make these cards, just leave a comment or email me at  with the subject napkin card.  Have a great day and thanks for checking out my blog.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

I hope everyone is enjoying the video I posted.  I just wanted to post the YouTube video link where I originally saw this card made.  The link is:  Thanks for checking my blog.  Have a great day!!!
Hi everyone!  Sorry for the big laspe in time from working on the blog.  Since my last post I have been to Ireland twice.  I have been working on lots of new cards and will be posting as often as I can.  Hopefully at least twice a week.  Here is a new card I made yesterday.  I love the card.  I hope you enjoy it.